Looking to Run Ads on Dailyhunt Platform?

Here are 5 simple steps for launching campaign in your regional language in less than 10 mins.

Campaign Objective

Awareness (CPM) – This option is for companies to not only improve brand recognition, but to also associate it with a certain brand's product or service.
Choosing this option will allow the system to optimise for maximum user reach and increased awareness about your product or brand.

Traffic (CPC) – This option is for brands to increase consideration of their products or services. Choosing this option allows advertisers to pay for a click, and for the system to optimise for maximum page engagements and conversions.

Target Audience

Depending on who your target audience is, the platform allows the advertiser to select audience segments based on their understanding of the product-market fit. One can select multiple combinations (and/or) of audience segments to further refine their target. Please be aware that applying too many audience layers will limit the user base and volume.

Click to Know Detailed List of Targeting Params

Create Ad

After setting up the right target audience, the next step is to create Ads. Currently, two formats are enabled on our self-serve platform:

  • Standard Banner / Image Ads: This helps promote the brand in a visually appealing manner. Pick this format if your objective is to create brand awareness.
  • Native Ads: This helps promoted the product in a more engaging & seamless content format. Pick this format if your objective is to generate traffic.

Budget, Campaign Duration & Payment

Once the campaign is setup, your next step is to setup the budget, campaign duration (number of days) and CPC/CPM bidding price. Review campaoign settings once and make a one-time payment for the budget submitted. You can also add a higher amount in your account waller from the Dashboard, and subsequent campaigns & their budget will get deducted from the account wallet.

Activate, Track & Optimize

Once the setup has been completed, activate the campaign. Post-activation, it takes around two hours for the campaign to start delivering as it goes for an automated approval. In case the Ad campaign gets rejected, it may happen so due to multiple reasons. Please click here to check for some of the possible reasons for rejection.

Once the campaign is approved and is in delivery mode, depending on CPC/CPM bid, volume, targeting etc., the Dailyhunt Ads system will try to deliver the requirement.
Advertisers will be able to go through the detailed reports to understand the performance. Based on the daily & weekly reports, you can make changes to the campaign to improve performance by either:

  • Changing creative / messaging
  • Changing audience segments
  • Changing freq. & imp. Caps

Once you ensure that the overall targeting for the campaign is met, there is an option to implement a Thank You page / conversion pixel, to track the performance of the campaign as well. If someone wants to track end performance and get it mapped to all the reports, it’s important to implement Conversion Pixel. Click Here to read more about how to implement pixels.